Dit Eiland



We collect art since the early 1980s, initially mainly lithographs and silk screens. Gradually more and more drawings, paintings and sculptures. In 2016 we returned to the North Sea coast near The Hague, after twenty beautiful years on the isle of Ameland, where we established and developed art hotel Dit Eiland. Over the years the collection has grown steadily in volume and in depth. Focusing on an eclectic selection of leading post-war Dutch artists. Work of the following artists represented in our collection: Aarts, Armando, Biewenga, Bogart, Brusse, Diederen, Engelman, Den Engelsen, Gerritz, De Goede, Gubbels, Haagmans, Henneman, Hooghiemstra, Lucassen, Niermeijer, Nolte, Panamarenko, Peeters, Raveel, Schepens, Scholte, Schoonhoven, Vanderheijden, Vermeule, Visch, Visser, Warffemius, Westerik, Wolkers.

Le Vivisecteur and other owls

A new arrival in the collection. Le Vivisecteur-ceramics by the Belgian artist Johan Creten. Creten is regarded as a leader in the revival of ceramics as artistic medium. We visited the exhibition Naked Roots at museum Beelden aan Zee and could not resist this. The 17 cm heigh sculpture with it's refined patine is on the one hand beautiful but on the other hand also a little scary and repelling, not in the least because of the title. The others owls complete the collection, Barn owl a gift from birdwatcher Michiel Versluys and a "trap uil" mounted on the staircase as we found it during the renovation of the house.