Dit Eiland


Theo Niermeijer (1940-2005) was vital to the image of the rough forgotten outskirts of Amsterdam, the former island Zeeburg. No more than a huge redundant marshy meadow, as Theo established his workplace at the Zeeburgerpad in the late 60's. Trees rooted and slowly the meadows became parkland. Nowadays it's an urban hotspot between the eastern harbor district and IJburg. 

In 2010 we revisited his sculpture park as it was left after his decease; sheds, cars in various states of decomposition, trucks and caravans. Hundreds of his sculptures still between wrecks and nettles, leaning against trees half overgrown. Over the years we collected paintings, modifications, his so called "Fero-prints" and many beautiful sculptures, composed by material that he found at shipyards. He lived up to his hypocorism 'the iron poet;  assembling remains of metal-cutting machines and lost parts from scrapheaps. We never visited that place again, afraid to ruin the memory of that breathtaking magical forest where he lived and worked intensively for so long.