Dit Eiland

Winterstudio Harrie Gerritz


Time loops

The work of Harrie Gerritz is deeply influenced by the landscape, the forces that formed it and the people who live there. His workspace stands on a sand drift, inhabited ages ago. It is the landscape of his parents and his forefathers, old land, the landscape from his childhood. It lies in the river district around Wychen and Woezerik. 

In 1979 Nationale Nederlanden commissioned Harrie Gerritz, working from Piet Clement's graphical atelier in Amsterdam, to make 6 color etchings for their annual report. Storm, rain, hail, clouds, thunder and thunderbolts. Natural events in clear multi-cadre compositions, as if it were various time frames combined in one image. It must have been the etching 'Bliksem schenkt leven' that inspired the poet Wim Huyskens, a regular visitor at gallery Clement, to make a new poem. When Harrie Gerritz read the Wim Huysken's anthology  'Familiair' in 2017 he intuitively understood that this was the text he wanted for his first photography book 'Onderweg'. To close the circle you find on page 15 of the book a photographic version of his early etching  'Bliksem schenkt leven' 37 years later.

For the Winterstudio I thought of the land in Harrie's work. The soil or base, the ground on which we stand... and the skies above it, just like these two units are superposed and combined in his photo works. Together they form a living space, the time-space we occupy to build our personality. From there it was only logic to ask for a few of his wood sculptures. The spacial collages he builds over the years from driftwood and debris collected at the river bank. 


Zomerstudio 2018 Kees de Goede (download PDF) watch the video.

Winterstudio 2017 Theo Niermeijer (download PDF) watch the video.