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Winterstudio JCJ Vanderheyden

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With Google search we see how art history explodes or rather dissolves. The horizon of the current global art community is fundamentally border-less, with the most remote cultures and forms of expression informing the current artistic practice without clear chronology or established standards. This has led to emergence of a new artistic viewpoint, liquid, dreamlike and deeply founded in the 'here and now' or following the Google analogy, the moment we hit the enter key. It seems to me that JCJ Vanderheyden (1928-2012) foreshadowed this new era and constructed his beautiful oeuvre to express this revolutionary position. At the same time it gives his work an increasing relevance amid today's 'fake news' and alternative-realities. His work circles back to the personal experience, looking at his selves and the world, trying to understand phenomena and the way they are connected, stubbornly resisting any external authority.

For our fifth open studio we brought together a series of his characteristic checkerboards, three small horizons combined with printings and photographs, booklets and items from his personal archive. Also available the monographs "The analogy of the eye" and Hans Locher's "Vanderheyden Licht Tijd en Ruimte"

Born in 1928 in ’s-Hertogenbosch, JCJ Vanderheyden is considered one of the most significant post-war artists in the Netherlands. After participating in DOCUMENTA Kassel 1982, he held retrospective exhibitions at Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Rotterdam, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and other prominent venues in Europe. His works are to be found in numerous collections worldwide.


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