Dit Eiland


The garden captivates, not only for its nourishing, curative and ornamental virtues but also for its subversion and it's slow rhythm of life and decay. Beyond the enclosed and organised space, the garden is a harbor for blurred, licentious and undisciplined private passions. A place of resistance and dissidence, of refinement as of exuberance; it becomes a poetical context for experiment as well as a living archive, frequented by fox and roe deer, guarded by tawny owls.

Polyphylla fullo 

The summer 0f 2018 finally revealed the secret life & death of a special beetle. When we bought the house in 2014 our neighbors told us about the elusive inhabitants of the huge Scots Pine trees in our front garden. In Dutch we call them "Juli Kever" Polyphylla fullo  (Linnaeus 1758) a beetle belonging to the Scarabs family. On August 1st I found a distinctly marked carapace belonging to this species right under the trees. With a little speculative assumption we can safely say that this wonderful insect still lives in these magnificent pines. According to the literature feeding on the needles. I never observed a living Juli Kever who are mostly active during the night but I guess that could be different for the local Tawny Owls who happen to have large beetles on their menu.

Harmony in greens

Spring 2018. It's still early April when this Green Woodpecker decided to visit the lawn, violently hunting the ants who recently became active.  Nature has always got a nice grip on the color schemes, all these greens and yellowish grays could get a little boring in the end... so why not add a streak of the most fiery red to spice things up a bit?

Orchid talk  

In the summer of 2017 we discovered an unknown plant spontaneously lifting it's stalk from under the ferns in the front garden. The leaves showed distinctive parallel ribs indicating some sort of orchid. The only thing we did in that particular spot was planting ferns in an attempt to give the needle package under the pine trees a bit more lively appearance. This disturbance possibly triggered the orchid to reappear in all it's glory, leaving us humble & happy.