Dit Eiland



Studio Dit Eiland is a place for reflection, amazement and dialogue. Selecting items from our collection and working on projects in a seclusive way. Studio Dit Eiland is nonpublic and noncommercial; the website is our main platform for presentation and communication. Twice a year we use to focus on a specific artist, oeuvre or artistic endeavor. 

Winter 2019/2020 we presented paintings, photography and graphical work by JCJ Vanderheyden (1928 - 2012). His oeuvre can be seen as a reflection of processes in the mind, where new images and notions are constantly being stored and associated with earlier sensations. His paintings, photographs, reproductions and video images give "a glimpse into Vanderheyden's stubborn head, a personal laboratory in which he searches The Great Analogue Things. 

For several years we organized Winter and Summer Studios, due to the corona situation and mandatory measures we currently reevaluate the way we will proceed. Dit Eiland is situated at the Wassenaarse Slag 12, Wassenaar. Note that you are always welcome for a visit by appointment (please fill in the form below).

New arrivals:

Beth Namenwirth, Lopen met de achterkant van een schilderij - 2019 (20 x 24 cm)